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Nov. 21, 2020

The Gift of Thanksgiving

In Episode 51, we remember our loved ones at Thanksgiving and work toward honoring all we do have as opposed to what we do not ha…

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Nov. 14, 2020

Preparing Yourself for the Holiday Season

In Episode 50, we learn what to expect during the holidays after we've experienced a loved one's death and ideas and tips on how …

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Nov. 7, 2020

Honoring Our Veterans

In Episode 49, we commemorate the amazing valor of our veterans this week in the USA yet wherever you live around the world, we j…

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Oct. 31, 2020

Grieving For A Nation

In Episode 48, with the United States' election upon us, we look at the correlation between the death of a loved one and the grie…

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Oct. 24, 2020

Social Challenges II

In Episode 47, we continue to discuss our challenges to reengage socially with family and friends after a loved one's death and i…

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Oct. 17, 2020

Social Challenges I

In Episode 46, we discuss the struggles we face from family and friends who don't understand our pain and grief. Additional Notes…

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Oct. 10, 2020

Physical Challenges

In Episode 45, we look at how our bodies are effected after the death of a loved one and how to help ourselves during this stress…

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Oct. 3, 2020

Honoring Our Loved Ones on their Birthday and Anniversary of their De…

In Episode 44, we learn the many ways we can comfort ourselves and honor our loved one on their birthday and the anniversary of t…

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Sept. 26, 2020

The Power of Forgiveness

In Episode 43, we discuss the very difficult topic of forgiveness, how it affects our emotions, physical body and spirit and what…

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Sept. 19, 2020

What Really Helps Us During Our Grieving Process III

In Episode 42, we complete our three-part series which looks at effective ways to help ourselves as we move through our grieving …

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Sept. 12, 2020

What Really Helps Us During Our Grieving Process II

In Episode 41, we continue to look at effective ways to help ourselves as we move through our grieving process. Additional Notes:…

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Sept. 5, 2020

What Really Helps Us During Our Grieving Process I

In Episode 40, we begin to look at effective ways to help ourselves as we move through our grieving process. Additional Notes: Le…

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Aug. 29, 2020

When You Couldn't Say Goodbye

In Episode 39, we discuss the many types of deaths where we couldn't be present to say goodbye, how that affects us and ways to d…

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Aug. 22, 2020

The Gift of Love

In Episode 38, we learn the value of not only allowing ourselves to be loved during the grieving process, but to extend bits of l…

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Aug. 15, 2020

The Gift of Intolerance

In Episode 37, we discuss how being intolerant of individuals and situations who do not have our best interests at heart, can hel…

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Aug. 8, 2020

The Gift of Trust

In Episode 36, we discuss how to trust yourself to know what you need throughout the grieving process and not allow others to dic…

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Aug. 1, 2020

Helping Children Understand Pet Loss

In Episode 35, we learn what children deal with when they encounter the death of a beloved pet and ways to love, support, educate…

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July 25, 2020

Understanding Pet Loss II

In Episode 34, we speak about how we are treated by others after we have experienced a pet's death, what to do with their belongi…

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July 18, 2020

Understanding Pet Loss I

In Episode 33, we discuss the complex emotional challenges surrounding pet loss and what we can expect while grieving a pet's dea…

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July 11, 2020

Pet Loss | Missing Joshua

In Episode 32, Mary discusses the life and death of Joshua, a beloved dog who comforted her through one of the most painful times…

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July 4, 2020

Our Loved One's Belongings

In Episode 31, we discuss how the bereaved struggle with when or if to release their loved one's belongings, and how to best deal…

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June 27, 2020

Unnecessary Deaths

In Episode 30, we discuss the irresponsible acts that individuals take that lead to their own deaths or the deaths of others and …

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June 20, 2020

Father's Day | Sweet and Bittersweet

In Episode 29, we remember our fathers and father figures who made an impact on our lives. We also discuss the pain of bereaved f…

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June 13, 2020

How to Help a Grieving Friend or Relative | Practical Support

In Episode 28, we discuss what to do to lend practical support to a bereaved friend or relative especially during the early days.…

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